Friday, June 15, 2007

Games- Let the games begin!

Here we are at the start of what I hope will be yet another interesting allegorical / surreal piece. I will hold back on the meaning and leave you to put your own interpretation on it. However I will say that it addresses something I've been thinking about for some time now and includes some specific symbolism relating to my life. So there you go!..hopefully it won't backfire and go wrong.

The main process begins in my sketch book where I draw rough maps of the areas in the composition, this it to get the balance right...I then start to assemble the various items by photographing sketches and transferring them to the paper by means of tracings.In this picture you can make out a pencil outline of a main character..there is also the 'dark clown' who I intend to be holding a human skull..a tracing has yet to be made. All figures are of my own design.


Ps said...

So, do you trace from the photographs? (just trying to pick up some tips from the expert)

Why do i feel that the clown you are drawing respresents you?

Even before you have begun, i'm already liking it! Who knows--maybe prejudice is a good thing after all!!

Devil Mood said...

Is this related to Othelo and "to be or not to be"? :)