Friday, September 28, 2007

Field Of Trees

Starting here at the bottom picture..i realised that the sketches I was developing needed a woman with the right kind of eyes (what are the right kind of eyes?) after a few goes I discovered that I was drawing my wife Jan.So I printed out a few photos to use as reference . you can see amidst the sketches the face at the lower middle of the page that I am going to use as the basis of the picture....
Above that, the next photograph shows an illustration I produced for the posters and programme for the Gilbert and Sullivan opera 'Iolanthe'. I thought this might give me more inspiration.
Next is the first pencil drawing on what is to be the final picture..then right at the top you can see where I've lightly sketched in the trees. i know this sounds a bit 'schmaltzy' but I thought that the landscape I had developed for the 'Minipix' series was 'my little world', and therefore the thing that goes in the centre of my world is Jan...I decided this was the finished concept.
Now for the dots!
I should say thank you to all who have commented on my previous post. My time in London was special, and meeting Preeti has been an honour. Have you ever met a 'Blogger'?..if you have, consider yourself 'Tagged' and tell us about it...!!!!!!!


Nessa said...

Watching you plan your work is great.

I met a blogger who only lives a few towns away from me. She is also an artist. Mo’a is originally from Iceland and she does the most amazing figures.

Vidya said...

I read your previous post now and I am all envious and happy for you! :D

It is indeed a miracle when people from different paths of life, from different parts of the world share something on a virtual medium like the internet or the blog and go on to become good friends.

I too am planning to meet a few blogger friends when I go to India. I may not be able to meet Preeti but I sure would love to talk to her! :D And gosh, I am already so excited about meeting so many people! Did I mention how happy I am for you? :D

And about your current post, you know what made me stop hard - the line what are the right kind of eyes? Isn't that always the tricky question? :)


Niall said...

Nessa..I've visited Mo'as site and I think her work is fantastic!!!

Vidya..My life has changed in hugely wonderful way since I started Blogging..I know it sounds cliched, but a whole world has opened up to me...I love 'meeting' new people especially from cultures different to mine.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

awww that poster is just plain lovely; i just can't imagine how many hours it took -- nothing beats black and white contrast