Monday, September 24, 2007

Two Minipix

OK...first of all, here are two pieces I made during my time over the weekend. I like to work on something during an exhibition so visitors can see how it's done. It also passes the time when it's quiet. I've started today on my last Minipix for a while. They've taught me so much about colour and composition. I could now use a Minipix as a 'sketch' to work out how I'm going to execute a larger picture.

I made reference yesterday to a conversation I had with a Lady visiting my exhibition.You know sometimes when you meet someone and they immediately strike you as possessed of something you would do well to pay attention to?Well this person did that...Basically the point was that she felt my surrealist/fantasy pictures depicted a passion and enthusiasm which wasn't so obvious in other pictures (ie street scenes, aircraft) I agreed and said that I loved the darker surreal stuff, it lit my passion.....the others although I find them satisfying are done with a mind towards making money.The Lady said that they were "Too real"..I knew exactly what she meant.

I have quite a lot of those 'commercial' type pictures under my belt I want to see what I can do with my imagination. Today i feel excited and have some ideas already forming. I will finish my last Minipix and then start a new phase.

I hope you will join me each day as I discover what comes next!Remember, YOUR comments help me to decided in which direction I'll go...I look forward to hearing from you.


Devil Mood said...

Of course we will!
Starting new things is greeeat! I'm starting a new story as well. But I usually don't finish it, so I envy you ;)

Nessa said...

That excitement when starting a new project is so great. I look forward to seeing what you are working on.

Marja said...

I love these two tree pieces, the cold bare ones and the warm sunshine covered ones.

Niall said...

DM..'Finish'is so subjective..I prefer to imagine that you will finish it one day..when the time is right.

Nessa..Welcome!..I love recieving comment from new readers. As I so often say, no matter what you may say, you will have an influence on what is created. thank you for being here..I hope you will return to see what else happens.

Marja..I'm glad that you 'feel' the sense of warmth and cold from these works..Art should effect a person in some way for it to be validated...Thank you for your comment and welcome!You are I think (I could be wrong) my first contributor from New Zealand...!!