Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wirksworth and Bolehill Arts Festival.

Well, here I am sitting proudly dotting away at my table in the doorway to the engine shed at Steeple Grange.(I'm working on the second of two minipix I did whilst there)..I think all visitors were pleased that the exhibition was in such an unusual location. Despite the fact that the venue was on the periphery of the Arts Trail..There were perhps some 200 visitors over the weekend.
Financially a disaster, the time did however proove to be good in other ways.

Regular readers of this Blog will be aware that I take on board all comments and suggestions and weather of not I act on them does not mean I value them less. To not act is an act in itself (if you get my measning) annd therefore those comments do have an effect! However sometimes a 'Key' moment happens and prompts something of a reassesment and evaluation. One particular visitor at the end of the day today helped me immensly..(I hope you are reading this..blonde lady slightly younger than I visiting with your friend)..Praising my more surreal and dark pidctures (Elephant)..I'll reveal more of that conversation at a later date.

The shed showing the tracks leading right can see why it's called 'Narrow Gauge'..sitting here the wind whistled through...I was VERY cold by the end of the day!You can see my work hanging either side.

Today the rear door was shut due to the increased wind..thankfully the lighting was good!

Looking to the left you can see pictures hanging including many featured here on this site.The kitchen area is beyond.
Finally I'd like to thank Peter Sellers , Martin smith and the band of totally wonderful friendly dedicated volunteers who run the Steeple Grange Light Railway. You made my stay with you enjoyable, interesting and worthwhile!
Now I think it's time for a good soak in the bath and there's a bottle of red with my name on it!See you tomorrow.


Je Vois la Vie en Vert said...

It is difficult to be an artist !
Green regards

Devil Mood said...

Hey Niall, it looks really cold over there but you look so cool dotting on top of that Seurat book - I like to notice the details! And you look colourful too, that's nice!
I'm curious to know about that conversation.

Ps said...

Looking at the layers of clothes you are wearing I could almost feel the cold!
The venue looks terrific--its exactly as I had pictured it from an earlier description of yours.Glad that you meant interesting people.

Nessa said...

Love your images.

Bob-kat said...

I'm glad you got some interested visitors if it was a mite chilly sitting there all day!

I have just been looking back through your minipix and I love them. I really like the snowy ones best, somehow for me your technique really works for snowy scenes :)

I know exactly what you mean about people's comments. Not acting is indeed an act in itself - it's an act of choice and someone's comment, thoguh not acted on can often send you in a new direction by prompting further thoughts.

Tys on Ice said...

hey, congrats...the place looks so you....cud u take us thru a web tour?