Monday, September 03, 2007

TLIR - 37 hrs 35

The temptation was too great..I had to start work on the shadows on the adds so much to the overall effect .The good news is that I've finished the darkest part of the picture now. However the rest is quite intricate and subtle..and right in the middle of it all will be the Lady In red.It's hard to imagine now, but stick with me and you'll see...!

An anonymous comment on yesterdays post asked me to write about how I decide when a picture is finished. Much of it is down to 'Artistic intuition' a famous teacher of painting once said.."When you start looking for things to do, then you should finish" is quite easy in my opinion to over embellish a piece...a shadow is not dark enough..a green not deep enough...Sometimes (as the great Impressionists showed us) it is acceptable to let the viewer do a little work . I have been guilty of going back to a piece days or even months later and 'touching up' a detail or deepening a shadow.But that is rare.


AnonyMOM said...

Niall, thanks for answering my question. And the shadows look amazing thus far. But, I am not anonymous...I am anonyMOM. Maybe my clever blog name is a little too subtle? Cheers, Tara aka Anonymom