Thursday, September 13, 2007

TLIR Detail b

Here is the second batch of photos showing the work on the Lady in red. I hope you're not disappointed by the way she has turned out..I'm very happy and look forward to showing you the 'bigger picture' when it's finished which should be today, but as I've got to help get the house ready for in laws visiting for Annie's birthday tea..I might not put the final touches on till tomorrow...anyway..time will tell!


Devil Mood said...

Why would we be disappointed? She looks great :)

Happy Birthday to Annie!

Jonice said...

It's been lovely to see the picture turn out all the way from the start. This is the very first time I can do such a thing and I really enjoy it.
Happy birthday to your little daughter and congrats to you the parents, dear!!!

Niall said...

DM..I was affraid I'd rather 'built up expectation' for something more dramatic...In this type of work I love the 'every day' there is I saw beauty and a balance in this scene.

J..even i enjopy looking back over the development of a picture Jonice..I take great pleasure in seeing what I have created then looking at the first pencil sketch to see the journey I have been on.

Annie had a lovely birthday thank you..

Anonymom said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Annie!

This is so interesting, to see the close-up of the final touches. I finally see how you mark off areas of light that are not to be dotted. I think the way you capture light is one of the most intriguing parts of your work, as it is just as important where you DON'T place the dots as where you DO. I cannot wait to see the completed LIR!