Saturday, September 08, 2007

TLIR - 56 hrs

I thought I'd show an enlargement of the 'car' area.I have mentioned before about how indistinct and shadowed figures interest you can see a few people milling around in the back ground, but I'd really like to have a picture full of crowds..when I went out to photograph for this project it was what i intended to capture.It was a surprisingly sparse day in town.


Devil Mood said...

Hey, a car from out of nowhere!
It's coming together.
You should probably start threatening your camera again, maybe it will get better.

Anonymom said...

Niall, I have a few more questions I hope you can address in your blog. If you've covered them before, please excuse me for asking again, but your work has piqued my curiosity! What kind of pens/equipment do you use for your artwork? How do you protect your in-progress pieces--from your children, your pets, a stray glass of water--when you're not actively working on them? Cheers, Tara

Tys on Ice said...

jeez the picture just got bigger

Niall said... this?..." hey you stupid jumped up lame excuse for a that a zoom?..I ought to thrash you with in an inch of your life you misserable piece of tin!"..

Anonymom..I work exclusively with Isogrph pens made by Rotring which is a German company..They all ahve a 0.25mm nib and have refillable cartridges so you can chose what colour ink to use..however, DO NOT use waterproof drawing inks as they contain an addative which quickly blocks the pen. I use Windsor and Newton Caligraphy Inks which although not being waterproof, they are lightfast and have an excelent luminosity.I think i'll do a pictoral guide to my equipment as a post.....

Keeping the work safe is not usually a problem. I currently use my bedroom to work in with a table next to the south facing children are VERY aware that the work is not to be touched and that they do not bring drinks near my workspace.On the whole they are very respectful and (don't tell anyone this!)..I have been known to let Annie (6) and Will (12) add a few dots to a picture!!It's my way of keeping them involved in what I do and interested in creating art.I hope that answers your questions..I ove answering them so please feel free to ask anything.

Tys On can now see the whole of the picture area..there's lots more to put in it though!

Niall said...

anonymom...I should have written 'Isograph'..also here is the link to Rotring..