Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Back to the job in hand...The Princess Ida project was a welcome relief..(a paid job no less!) but my heart lies here. And hopefully I should finish this week. you can see the outline of the Lady In Red as I seek to furnish the world around her before committing myself to the red.

Today it seems almost wrong to talk of celebrating ..it is also a time to remember not only the deaths of the poor souls in the 911 Terror attacks, but the lost lives of ALL the innocent caught up with in the conflicts be they Iraqi, Afghan or whoever.My thoughts lie with the families whose sons will never return home..with the children who do not understand why they lose their parents and homes.With the elderly seeking to scrape together enough food to live whilst foolish and deluded extremists detonate a living hell within the neighbourhoods of their homes.

There are millions more who are yet more eloquent than I..but YOU AND I CAN learn to live in peace and understanding..as long as we have open hearts, open minds and a willingness to shut up, listen and learn!


Devil Mood said...

Here, here, Niall!
It's looking great, there's a great depth suddenly in that street. I can't wait to finally see the Lady :)

Devil Mood said...

Oh :( I forgot to say...
Happy Blogbirthday :)

Anonymom said...

It's funny, each time I view this piece in its progression, I expect that man to move already! Why is he still standing there? Hasn't he gone yet? In a way, I almost feel sorry for him, stuck there, motionless, his attention anywhere but on the Lady in Red. And when she finally appears it will be even more humorous, as he should finally look up and take notice!

Enjoying your work and happy blogiversary,

Aprameya said...

Reached here while surfing another blog. This is simply fantastic work. My complements to you on an art form so unique. Great job!!

Niall said...

Well folks..I'm nearly there...thank you for all your encouragement.

Aprameya..welcome !!..I hope you enjoy watching the finishing stages of this piece..I welcome all comments ..even if you don't like what i'm doing. Please feel free to come back.