Friday, September 07, 2007

TLIR - 54 hrs

Don't know why my camera has decided to add a blue tinge to did it once before, when I said it was faulty and I'd buy a new one, it suddenly got better. It could be alive!..(Terry Pratchett readers will know this!)..perhaps the Imp has a cold!


Anonymom said...

Wow, the level of realism on this one continues to improve and evolve, it's quite amazing to watch. The car looks as though I could walk over to it and drive off! (That is, if the keys were still inside.) Cheers, Tara

AscenderRisesAbove said...

I have a Lumix 10x and there is a setting when clicking on the menu that goes to an option called "col. effect"; clicking on it gives me the option of having the highlights cool, warm, bw, sepia. It took me next to forever to find that setting and turn it off. It can be corrected if you pull the image into PhotoShop and mess with the color balance; turning up the red and yellow. Then desaturating the blue. It won't be a perfect image but you will get into the ballpark.

Niall said...

Tara..If only it were real!..We've been out looking at second hand cars today..ours is old and nearly we need another one.Not a pleasant task!

A...Yes, i've found the coloour balance setting in my camera (Olympus) was set at the default .It seems to be OK today.Sometimes when there is a large area of white in the focusing area of it adjusts itself...I think I'll point the focus at a dark area of the pic first in future. As for video..I haven't considered that yet..but thank you for the suggestion.