Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Minipix Arboretum

I knew once I'd started this picture that it was the wrong choice, but pressed on non the less.It makes a nice picture though..but I think in this scale I prefer the dreaminess of the previous two. So have now already started the next piece which I'll post tomorrow.
Got a call from the printers today to collect the work I'd asked them to do for my exhibition at the weekend. Jan and I then went to try out a new picture framers. I have to get three originals framed, then around 40 prints mounted ready for packaging. It's quite a big job and they are needed by Friday afternoon. I still consider 'Frame and go' to be my usual choice, but want to see what this new place can offer..If I'm honest, I don't enjoy the process of visiting printers and framers and deciding on all the mount/frame styles and colours..one day I shall employ someone to take charge of all my promotion and products.


Ps said...

I volunteer!Promotion I have been doing already! ;-)
I like this picture more than the other two.May be because of the lamp posts.It looks great.

Jonice said...

I cannot share your opinion on the choice being wrong for I see the same dreaminess also here. I do like this minipix, Niall.
I wonder how to pronouce your name. Is it /ni/ or /nai/?

Niall said...

PS..you've got the job..now are you ready to move to England?

Jonice..thank you for your kind words! My name is pronounced "kneel"...the spelling is Gaelic (Scottish origin)..The same spelling can be found in Ireland but is pronounced "Nile".

Ps said...

Who knows--some day!:-)