Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Minipix Moon Train

I must say thank you for all the possitive comments recieved about this little series.It's actually quite therapeutic to cut loose and finish something in so short a time. The four pictures are actually on the same piece of paper..(See below)

I think they look great together but will be framed individually ...and I'm going to put them on sale.You can perhaps feel that I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to these. I will console myself with the fact that they only take a couple of hours each. I shall now get to work on the next lot!!


Devil Mood said...

Oh I love them together!
It reminds me of those series of the seasons, you know? Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter :)
You could do a series like that too.

To be honest, you working so fast on those pictures makes my leisure-y days seem even more useless!

Niall said...

I'm trying to finish eight by the weekend when I will be at a local arts festival trying to sell them.

Ps said...

They look really beautiful together.

Anonymom said...

I love this little lot. So whimsical!