Thursday, September 06, 2007

TLIR - 51 hrs

I've passed the 50 hours mark! seems never ending, but I'm happy pushing the level of realism on this. I often look at the work of other artists..(did you look at Ascenderriseaabove yesterday?) and wonder if I should just cut loose and do some action painting..either way the intensity of this piece mind boggling...I spent today's session on the shadows in the foreground..One comment mentioned that it was good I'd finished the shadows a few days ago.I'm afraid i was only just beginning!


Jonice said...

And you've been reaching riveting levels of realism! I love the shadows on the pavement, they allow us a glimpse of the light movement from the swaying branches.

Devil Mood said...

Oh! The shadows...I hadn't noticed them, I'm afraid (how insensitive can the viewers be?!) ...I don't know how you do it.