Monday, September 10, 2007

The Princess Ida project.

In reverse order..Here is the finished artwork for the Princess Ida programme / posters.The text will be inserted in the space above the heads...( the wonkyness of the image is the fault of my photography not my artwork!)
Here is the picture once a wash of black ink has been applied to the caricatures.

The pencil drawing was laid down on watercolour paper and picked out with know , I was only talking about doing something quicker the other day!...I'm sure I didn't have this in mind then, but from initial sketch to finished article,it has only taken a couple of hours!


Ps said...

Saw this just now and also quickly read the previuos post.--It's SUPERB!Really good!!Loved it!

Devil Mood said...

Oh. it's so great!
They look really funny and it's so nice to do something different and take a break, right? I think they're going to like it.

Vidya said...

I positively love this! I came here longing for the lady in red, who appears to have taken a hiatus !!

Instead I see this caricature and am smiling!


Tys on Ice said...

way too it going to be monochromatic ? it does have an old feel to it...really nice..