Sunday, December 30, 2007

L'inattendu - 14

Working on the skirt and all the frills is challenging (as well as fetishistically satisfying!) Deciding where all the shadows will fall means I have to concentrate,I do have a few resource images to use but there's nothing better than allowing it to shape itself. there will be around 5 - 6 more dancers to the composition.

I received a message from someone yesterday who I'd completely forgotten was a wish for a happy new year and to "Party Hard". This meant a lot to me...I'll tell you why. At 1:45am on 31st December 1991, there was a banging on my front door..I was tucked up in bed...popping my head out of the window, I saw my Father standing in the street obviously upset..."Can you come down Niall?..I think Mum's died"

There began my adulthood....New Years eve is always a time I remember her,she was a big inspiration in my life..someone who sacrificed all for her family...and died aged 58 well before her time. Therefore the party I attend is basically to commemorate and avoid sitting at home being's what she would have done. If we should meet as midnight chimes, and I have a tear in my'll know why.

The following picture is something I treasure. Taken by my father in June 1951 it shows a youthful young woman about to embark on her married life. Having abandoned an offer to dance at 'The Windmill' in London as an exotic dancer, Eileen worked as a secretary at a local Army depot (Chilwell , Nottingham ) where she met my father.

L'inattendu (the Unexpected) is partly due to her influences on my senses, my memory my heritage and development.

In memoriam

Eileen young (nee Lipscomb)

1933 - 1991.


Devil Mood said...

Wow, that was beautiful.
And the picture is amazing.

I don't like the fact that I don't like New Year's eve, but in a way now I'm glad that it's just another day to me. It's always difficult to be happy on 'happy days' when we've lost someone dear, but also hard when the dates coincide.

Nevertheless, party hard, as a tribute to your Mother.

Julie Schuler said...

What a serene and lovely picture. I love old photographs. And to imagine what sort of universe she had in her mind, with her hands so lightly folded.

Tys on Ice said...

tonite i will be camping at the beach with wife and son, to herald the new year...i will think of u...and thank the world that i have met some amazing people in the last year thru the net and that in reality, there are no strangers, just friends u havent met yet...

rock on, niall!

Jonice said...

Beauty and inspiration treasured in your heart last forever and nobody can take them away from you. What a lovely picture your father has taken, Niall.

Beijinhos :)

Ps said...

What a beautiful picture.It really moved me.