Thursday, December 06, 2007

Not unseen..

This is one of my earliest colour hyperpointillist pictures from around 1987 I think..The little boy is's from a school photograph taken when I was about 6 years old. My family has always been associated with the father worked as the Traffic Manager in Eritrea after the end of world war Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers has also worked the rails. I was the first in my family not to work on the railway..bu I did develop an interest in it..I pictured myself with the train appearing to be coming out of my head. I have learnt so much about the technique since then...all those plain areas were VERY boring to complete. The piece is A3 size.

It does however create a dreamy quality.. !


Julie Schuler said...

What a sweet baby you were! The plain spaces might have been boring, but I've heard over and over again from instructors that the negative space is just as important as the filled up space. You obviously have always had natural ability as a colorist, or colourist, since you're British.

Devil Mood said...

Really nice colours!
This reminded me of a show I watched afew times, called 'who do you think you are?' where famous people went to find out about their ancestors. There was one that started on the railways too. If you were to track down your family, you would go there as well.

Ps said...

Wow!!1987 was the year I finished my class 10.
Loved this..Train coming out of your head is just superb.