Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The St.James School Art club.

Inspiration for the new work is plentiful and actually more than I can fit into one piece..so you'll have lots of interesting stuff to see here in the next few months! For now, I thought I'd show you a little of the 'other side' of my work. For the past few months I've been employed to run an after school art club. I'm very familiar with the school as both my boys started their education there. Julie Carter who is Head Teacher has been a great champion of the 'Arts' and has brought lots of practitioners in , as well as myself there have been musicians, dancers, poets, actors etc....

I've been working with 24 children. 12 from year one and 12 from year two.Year two have produced this picture of a sun rise. Initially the children drew individual pictures, then we transferred them to the main board which is 6ft long by 18 inches high. The children glued string and paper to raise the images in relief from the board, then papier mache'd over the lot. finally painting and then picking out detail with oil pastels.

The two pics below show some of the detail in close up.

Year One worked on this identically sized board which represents night. All the children are aged 5 - 6 yrs !!!!That is about how many years I have aged in the process. It wasn't easy, but I think you'll agree the results are great!
I ran my last group with Year Two today . My last group with Year One is on Thursday.


Julie Schuler said...

So lovely! I love anything with stars on it. I can't imagine keeping so many little ones in line. I can't keep track of just two.

Devil Mood said...

Oh my God, I love the 'night'!!!
It reminds me of something, I think you might know what it is. lol

I love all the colours over there and the sunrise is very nice too.

Ps said...

Marvellous happy pictures!! I love them! How I wish my children get a chance to work with you.Who knows--they might!(Remember I had told many months back that I wish I get a chance to meet you and I did!)One never knows what the future holds.

Ps said...

And hey--I just noticed what you wrote in your side bar about me being 'Star of India'. Cannot stop laughing!! If you asked the common man in india, he would probably say Shah Rukh Khan is the star of India!:-)

Niall said...

Julie...stars..another persistant theme of mine!

DM..Thank you..These little children will put me out of business i think!

PS...Yes they are happy..I tried my best to make the sessions fun!The one thing I do know about the future Preeti..is it holds wonderful things!!!