Wednesday, December 12, 2007

L'inattendu -2

The one thing about working on a made up face is that i can do what I want with the features without fear of getting it wrong. This is progressing quickly although the overall size of the picture is relatively big. what I like about this type of piece is that details can be changed as i go along..and there is always time to make major changes if needs be.

I was remembering an old favourite Marvel Comics character of mine from the 1970's called Doctor Strange. I noticed he had a character with a body which was actually a view of stars similar to this one but different...also check out the video to 'Supermassive Black hole ' by Muse!...hey, i'm doing myself out of originality here...but one tends to notice these things..!


Devil Mood said...

I hate when that happens. We are being original and then we see something similiar elsewhere. It happened to me yesterday. :(

Nessa said...

I feel his disdain.

Julie Schuler said...

I love love love the coat of stars!

Ps said...

Wow!!I loved that expression--there is scorn, ridicule, contempt, suppressed anger a general mistrust and so much neagtivity conveyed here.Amazing.

Mo'a said...

He is great...when we do things out of our imagination it seems that all the many things we have seen over the years come out in some way. I never worry about that...after all we are all connected in some way. Outright copying is annother matter all you have no worry.

I have not been visiting blogs much for the last 7 weeks...Pneumonia...foggy head and all...back almost as good as new and counting down to Christmas with my art on my blog.
My timing was great got pneumonai after a trip to Italy and before the Christmas rush.