Monday, December 24, 2007

Oskur's Krismus mesidge 2007.

Deer loil subgexcts..2007 as bean er veree difikult yeer four meny peepul...eer in Inglund, dair haz been lotz ov fluds an rewyned howsez..meye thortz arr wiv yu orl. itz at dis tyme ov yeer dat meye mynd terns tu moor impourtent fings..lyk wear arr orl dur bannarners ?...wyl der bee eny spshul ladee chymps fouyr mee tu meat?..wyl thay hav red botumz? eye howp sew!
I av yeat tu rapp meye fakt eye styl av tu by dem...dur mastur duzn't giv mee mucch muny..butt eye av beeing mune-lyting doun at ther lokal tellymarkityng offiss. sellyng inshoarenss..eye av sayved a hole bunch of muny eye wyl biy a byg botul ov wisky for him and mee tu shair....hik!
Buut,meye mayne gowl dis yueer iz tu serv meye mastur az besst i kan an bee dur besst qween chymp ohn dur blok. Eye howp yu orl av a verree meree Krismus..sey yu necks yeer.
PEE Ess...dis dres iz tu tyt ...aynd dur shooz arr kyling mee...eyem ov tu chaynj bak tu meye proppur stayt...butt haeree naykid!


Julie Schuler said...

hooray for butt haeree naykid! That's the proper way for a simple primate to be... wait I'm a simple primate!

Devil Mood said...

Oskur: You're very funny but tell your master he needs to get back to blogging soon 'cause I'm not sure I can decipher much more posts in chimpanzeez, k? ;)

Bob-kat said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope you have a lovely day full of joy.

Vidya said...

Oh Niall, I first thought that I had lost my ability to read English! :D
Me no speak chimpeez.

Season's greetings and a warm wish for a great year ahead!


Tys on Ice said...

hey niall, merry christmas...

i thought the monkey was speaking in german for a second :)