Monday, December 31, 2007

L'inattendu - 15 Happy New Year!.

So here we are once the end of the year looking forwards and backwards at the same time. Bobkat put it so well in her blog regarding Janus..the two faces, at the axis of the year. Like many people, I have looked back and sought affirmation as to the reason i am here.Why am i?...

Below is a photograph of me aged about 3 months...(my parents had a photographer come to our house ..the image was a black and white print but the photographer hand tinted it..he thought I was a girl because of my dress and painted me pink.My parents could not afford another print so pink it remained) But I love looking into those eyes..those eyes which saw nothing of what was to come, but hopeful, and full of life..innocence. It's how I look forward by looking back.
I have stood and raised my head, looked full into the face of 2008 and pen in hand I stride forward with a happy and thankful heart. I will take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy and prosperous new year!


Ps said...

What a sweet baby pic!! Was this the only time you 'wore' pink? Happy new year Niall!

Devil Mood said...

I love looking at pics of me when I was little too - how self-centered are we?
But yes, I thought the same thing when looking at little-me - you simply had no idea of what would happen to you. So innocent.

I like men in pink! ;)
Happy New Year Niall

Jonice said...

Aren't you sweet? :)
A couple of pictures taken of me that age were hand tinted too. I suppose this is another feature of this vast generation of ours they call baby boomers... Talking about tinted photos I just remembered that when I first showed some school pictures of mine to my then 3 or 4 years old sun he was amazed to see the colours and shouted: Mummy were there colour pictures when you went to school?! Oh, boy...
Wish you and your family have a joyful réveillon, and that 2008 is plenty of health, love, peace and beautiful work, Niall!

Bob-kat said...

I love your little booties with the bows. Sweet.

Thanks for the mention :)

Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

thanks for the early photo of you; sweet. fortunatly as an artist you can redo that photo into whatever color you desire!

Shruti said...

That really looks like a bright and cute baby girl ;-)
A very happy new year to you and your family :-)

Niall said...

PS..It was not the last time..there was a phase in the 1980's when it was fashionable for men to wear lots of pink..ties..shirts..even trousers for goodness sake!..I looked like a walking candy floss!

DM...a sobering view of one's self.t takes a REAL man to wear pink (at least that's what I think!)

Jonice...I can remember one of my children commenting on a black and white film I was watching..something along the lines of : "Was everything in black and white when you were a child Dad?"

Bobkat..they just don't fit anymore!

ascender...You're right..I could, but I won't.

Shruti..I was..but a snip here and a tuck there and Bob's your aunty!

Nessa said...

I wish you a very Happy New Year, too.