Friday, December 14, 2007

L'inattendu - 4

Firstly...I didn't write anything yesterday...why?...Well, I had nothing to say! As the old saying goes: "Better to keep your mouth shut and to have people think you a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it!".

I seem to be saying this a lot at the moment, but it's been slow going these last couple of days. I think mainly because I've started this piece entirely from scratch with only my own ideas to work from. True I've used reference material but only after I've sketched what i wanted and needed further detail. for instance;The hand I used for the Starman, was originally from a photo of my own hand. but as I considered it, I saw that it did not look n keeping with his I used a 'google' referenced image.
The maid is entirely out of my own imagination..I've spent ages deliberating on the way her mouth goes...I've decided she will be biting her lip. I know she looks a bit of a road crash just now..but trust me to sort it out. The journey continues..


Thinking aloud said...

whoa!! i seem to be missing a lot here ...

the expression on the star guy is such a mixture of arrogance, contempt...raised eyebrows and is fascinating how these come out...

hmmm... the maid looks rather that an off shoulder dress she's wearing?