Tuesday, December 18, 2007

L'inattendu - 9

Tweeked a few details here..made the skirt a little more flirty..but still need to complete the maids lower legs and the wine glass. The main aim of today's work was to pencil in the background and begin work on the inclusion of the foreground figure of me!...(remember the photograph a few days ago?) I remembered that my Dad was a keen Bird watcher...in Africa he used to own a large aviary including a Golden Eagle...he was always keen to show me the birds in our garden and used to show me as a child how to make beak shapes with my hand using my forefinger and thumb. In the photograph I am shown holding my hand up to the roof of next doors house where a bird must have been...I thought that if I made the beak shape, it would call the birds down to land on my finger.
So in the drawing I for some reason have decided that a butterfly will be alighting on my finger, perhaps now I think about it, it should be a little bird?...more tomorrow and to possibly see how 'Mini Me' relates to the rest of the compossition.


Devil Mood said...

Hey, a Mini Me, I didn't see that one coming.

Nessa said...

The contrasting people/personalities are great.

Julie Schuler said...

Birds! Every which I turn. What can it mean?

Vidya said...

a bird would definitely be cute and will make the picture cuter! Mini me is adorable


Punam said...

Just visited your site for the first time on Preeti's recommendation. I am amazed at the kind of talent that u've got !! The kind of patience required to make beautiful pics out of dots !! Its unimaginable and awe-inspiring.

Niall said...

DM...Niether did I!But there needed to be something in tyhis corner of the composition.Since the picture referes to aspects of my life's experience..it seemed right that I should be in it.

Nessa..that is what fascinates me.

Julie..don't let it get you into a flap!

Vidya...The bird is coming!

Punam...thank you for calling in!..welcome.I hope you feel able to visit again and follow the prgress of my work.