Monday, December 10, 2007

l'inattendu - Sketches

As promised, here is the first selection of sketches for my intended new picture. this one will be in black and white and will follow on closely with the themes and characters depicted in 'Elephant' and 'Games'. I have been attracted and fascinated by everything burlesque..from the visuals presented by Marilyn Manson, to Moulin rouge and the 'Can can' to Toulouse Lautrec.

My mother incidentally was once offered a place as a dancer at the famous London theatre 'The Windmill' way back in the late 1940's. Sadly her father would not allow her to go. Dancing was her passion and she was denied it. I don't think she ever thought that she had ever fully realised her life's destiny because of that...

So here are a few sketches from a nearly full book of ideas. You will see the development of three aspects...the Starman, the Maid and the Dancers. Please join me tomorrow for the first dance!

This will be the sketch I shall use for the Star Man...I 've also worked on adding his hand holding a wine glass.

The inscription just above the girl's face says "This one!"


Devil Mood said...

wow, they're fun!!

I'm sorry your mother never got to fulfil her dream but you are doing it, so it's not all bad!

I have one of those wood models. I like to make it do strange poses :)

Speaking of dance, are you watching Strictly come dancing? ;)

Julie Schuler said...

This is going to be very exciting!

I need to get one of those models. I usually just use myself, or other people. In fact, that used to be a good way to meet fellas when I was young woman- ask if they would sit for me- doesn't work so good now! Pooh!

I think I've got a picture of a sculpture somewhere with feather fans and legs- if I can scan it I'll get it to you.

Niall said...

DM...I can get bogged down with sketching..forever trying to refine the image and search for that special something. I have around 50 sketchbooks dating back many years full of ideas!

Stictly come dancing..yes..I was also interested to see how Mel 'B' did in the U.S version.

Julie..."Exciting"?.I hope so..I have a greater desire to introduce more elements of the shocking have helped me to concentrate on what I want to say rather than what I 'think' people want me to say!!

The wooden figure is not an authentic anatomical figure..more of a cheap ornament...still, it's fun and serves a purpose.