Saturday, December 15, 2007

L'inattendu - 5

Work on the Maid continues..I've got the mouth right at last after a few attempts..I find it really difficult to produce realistic looking faces from imagination, but having worked on so many in the past few months..I've learnt what to look out for and where specific shadows fall..I've got lots more work to do on the shadows here especially on her cheek and breast.Sometimes it's a matter of working for a short while, then stepping away..make a cup of tea then come back...somehow the subtleties disappear as you stare for a long time concentrating on a particular detail.

The Maid is carrying a jar with a butterfly within.

I took annie to her school Christmas Fayre today..we went in to see's a pic. (Sorry Chris)..but isn't it funny how all 'Santas' look slightly dubious? ..and in this case, way too thin!..I guess once he's eaten 500 million mince pies he'll look more the part!


Devil Mood said...

I think Santa needs to be reivented, recycled, maybe. I'm sick of red Santas. Give me sth different.

I really like the maid's expression and I find that a pause for a cup of tea is useful in any job you're doing.

Niall said...

DM...Red Santa is a product of Coka Cola advertising. For an acurate historical perspective, go to:

Devil Mood said...

Yes, that's true, that's why it can be reivented. Jesus can't. Nor does St. Nicolaus, or whatever his name was.

Julie Schuler said...

I notice you can't sit on Santa's lap anymore, like back in my day! Now that was good, pervy fun!

Annie looks very cute. It makes me sad that I've got no one to dress in pink!

Niall said...

Julie...If santa so much as touches a child, he gets the sack!..I'm intrigued as to what went on in your grotto! thankfully, I was there for Annie..if Santa made a move, I'd have had to rearange his baubles!!!!