Saturday, December 08, 2007

Maria De Medeiros

A little interlude from my gaze upon who I hold as one of the most beautiful and alluring actresses today. I realized yesterday when I was talking about 'The face' that I was obsessed with recreating in my pictures was in fact summed up in the features of Portuguese actress,Maria De Medeiros. Some of you will remember her in the film 'Pulp fiction'..but my memories are built around a more poetic and beautiful film all together...I'm talking about 'Henry and June' Made in 1990 it portrayed a love triangle between the author Anais Nin (Maria De Medeiros) Henry (Richard E Grant) her husband,Henry Miller (Fred Ward) and June Miller (Uma Thurman) The film directed by Phillip Kaufman was criticised for it's lack of characterisation. But where it succeeded for me was in the cinematography...beautifully framed and images and muted dreamlike colours.

Based on the true life memoirs of Anias Nin, it portrayed a frank and open relationship between the characters with Anais in the middle appearing confused and breathless for all her partners.

If you haven't seen it so..and if you haven't read any of the gloriously erotic and sensual writings by Nin..then do that too!

The following screen captures are all from 'Henry and June'.


Devil Mood said...

I love those magical moments when we realize something that was hidden!

The 20s style suits her!

Niall said...

DM...she reminded me of a china doll..

shella said...

"Henry and June" moved me. More so when I found out that it was a true story.

Thanks for posting screen captures here. I downloaded them.

Niall said...

Shella..Thank you for visiting so long after i have posted this!..I share your being 'moved' was a truly beautiful film. Have you seen 'The Unbearable Lightness Of Being' also directed by Kauffman?