Sunday, October 01, 2006

Brass in pocket (Not!)

Have finished our first Arts Fair in Buxton. Managed to sell only one print all weekend. We made a loss overall. I could moan on about it, but in truth I actually had a great time, chatting to people, answering questions and having some wonderful discussions about the nature of 'Art'.

I talked to a Gentleman who was interested in my Spitfire drawings. He told me he used to fly them in the Second World War, along with Hurricanes, Bostons, Mitchells and Defiants. He appeared full of life and health for a man who was around 85 years old.

Annie slept most of the time under my table, she had been sick all night, and was not feeling at all well. The picture above shows Annie asleep next to me as I worked away on my 'Stepping Out ' picture.(progress report tomorrow.)

There were times when I sat still and felt the pull of destiny upon me. I know that I have taken the right decision to do this. I know that I have a gift and need to use it. It bursts out of me , it demands my attention. And I need to create, I need to communicate, to call to the deep things, to weave magic and alter lives.

Jan was chatting with a stall holder (one of around 50)..a little girl was talking about all the things she'd seen. Her Mum asked her what she liked best. She said "I liked the 'Dot Man best"