Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Two Trees 2

Can't help thinking that I'm covering ground already trod with this one..Perhaps I'll sell it!

I really need to emerse myself in my work..When all things around me are falling apart, the one place where I can be me and find true expression is my work. That said..I can go on to contradict myself immediately by stating that part of the drive one utilizes is the basic dissatisfaction with what one is currently doing. I will never create the perfect work because to do so would render any further exploration of the 'art' redundant!

I am at odds with Jan yet again..The children annoy me (half term hols)..My business partner has decided to finish promoting my work on eBay, I've got no money...And it's raining. I find I have messed up my weight loss diet..My lost weight is returning...Yes..You could say it's a little dark at the moment.

The dance continues..