Thursday, October 12, 2006

The eyes have it!

Work on the figure to the right is nearly complete. I needed to put layers of dark blue, mid blue, red,and green to give the jeans the correct hue. Then went over each layer a couple of times to get the correst intensity. Will finish tommorow!

I'd like to tell you about an event today that suprised me, it rather took me off guard. William (who'd left for school earlier with Sam) ( who had ham and pickle sandwiches today) rang to say he'd forgotten his rugby kit. I said I'd drop it off at reception later. On the way back through the traffic trying to get into Derby I was stationary in Littleover village when my eyes were drawn to a woman who was wearing a Niqab (please correct me if I've got the wrong name) A black veil worn with a black head scarf and black robes.It's not something you see in the streets of a derby suburb! I guessed the woman (by her gait and fluidity of movement) to be in her 20's. She looked toward my car, and it was then that I saw her eyes, for only her eyes were visible. (I've spoke to Jan about this already) Do you know, my heart jumped and I caught my breath..such deep and gloriously beautiful eyes I've not seen. Dark and outlined in deep eye liner, they struck straight through me.The car in front moved and she was gone.

I'd not encountered this before. I like many others feel it difficult to accept someone who covers their face (either by own decision or worse at the behest of someone else..especially a man)... I was talking to the children in my art class today about portraiture. I explained how we communicate non verbally , our expressions, eyebrows etc. ..infact most of the interaction between people is that. But my very decent and modest young Muslim lady today was (to my very obvious male brain) incredibly sensual and erotic...ironic eh?

Further to my post stating that I am reading The Alchemist: What have I done?'s such a brilliantly imagined work that (in my case) I will find it hard not to be influenced by. Todays lesson:..(paraphrased from book) ..have you ever noticed that when someone who has never played cards (or any other situation involving chance)..that they almost invariably win?..this is called beginers luck by some people. It is so with our dreams and destiny. It is in striking out to do something new and untried that we invite sucess or a pallpable pointer to the next is in doing the same old thing that assures that nothing will ever change. Now the thing is..will I learn this lesson?

See you tommorow!


Tim Young said...

love the picture Niall can't wait to see the finished article

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