Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tree 4

It's been a funny day..I went down to pick Annie up from school was an overcast afternoon, very dreary. Annie asked if we could go on the swings in the we did. Suddenly the sun came out. It was one of those wonderful autumnal late afternoons where the sun slants through the trees and you can see a mist in the air. Such a special time.

This evening I've managed a little bit on my 'Tree'. Hope to finish it tommorow!. Jan is concerning me a little at the moment. An old lady bumped her car into ours today..There was only a scratch on ours(to go with all the others)..the lady's car also had a scratch. But this evening a Jan has developed a really painful neck. Sadly they never exchanged adresses as there was realy no significant damage done. I shall revert into 'nurse mode' and make sure she is comfortable!

See you tommorow.


Tim Young said...

Hi Niall the pic is coming along well. Sorry to about Jans Neck hope all is OK....