Monday, October 16, 2006

EST 1961.

Ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of an artist? We change so much. Yesterday I wrote about the angst created by lack of money. Today I might write about the smile on Annie's face as she clung onto the roundabout at the park today. It might be the curve of Janet's back or the plate of drop scones Will made. It could be the way Sam gave a cocky grin when I told him he should be thinking of having his bath before bed..he told me he was trying to steal some extra minutes on MSN. It could possibly be that Jan has just said she's off to have a bath..I love to curl up next to her in bed when her skin is still slightly damp. I could write about the way my favorite albums are not in the top 100 being shown on channel 4 just now.

There are so many things crowding into my thoughts as I write.

Tonight one thing has reaffirmed my resolve and desire to work. An anonymous comment posted about The ST. Peter's Street Angel. I usually know who's posted comments. But not this time. Thankyou whoever you may have saved my life!