Friday, October 13, 2006

St. Peter's Street Angel

Here for the first time is the finished piece. I wanted to get a picture posted today, because I said I would! It could do with photographing in the daylight though (I don't own a scanner!). I bet you didn't think there would be so much space at the bottom of the composition? It's all to do with 'the unknown' that my subject is stepping into. I feel a great fondness for this work..for me there is a richness and myterious quality to the people in the background.

Tonight I'm happy. Jan and I have been to meet Annie's teacher. A lovely warm and encouraging lady. I could not ask for any better person responsible for educating my daughter. She told us that Annie is a star..she wished she had a class full of Annies! I was also able to see a self portrait Annie had done. Totally unlike the drawings you'd expect from children her age, she had got the facial proportions right, and had used the whole page to spead her composition out on, made complicated colour choices and had drawn the sky meeting the land. I was so proud to see what amounts to an instinctual abillity (although rough) showing itself.

Made tuna and with finely choped onions and mayo for the sandwiches today.


Anonymous said...

The St Peters St Angel is lovely. Reallyenjoyed watching it take shape X