Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A day in the life

5 hours work today saw me tackle the last figure.

"woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head..." Sometimes it feels as if I'm trapped in a Beatles song!...A Day in The Life..I seem to be passing through a very odd time at the moment. Yes, this morning was more sandwich making as usual: (Ham & cheese not tuna though)..Looked out of the kitchen window..Instead of Icarus Ascending, it was the state of the lawn..Not cut it since Annie's birthday in September.

Sat head in hands for a while wondering where all the joy had gone. Do you ever find yourself stuck in a smooth walled pit that's just slightly too high to climb out of?..Why is it that I can suddenly turn on the charm and nobody has the foggiest?

Jan went off to have her hair cut this morning via dropping Annie at school. I was working on my picture by 9:00am. Worked through until around 2pm..stopping only to drop Jan at the station to catch a train to Birmingham looking gorgeous with her new hair cut. She had an audition to act for a company who do Murder Mystery plays..( They pay well is the attraction).I was then off to St James to do my first art class of the week. Today we looked at portraiture. The aim being to practice in readiness for their visit next week to the residential home to draw from life.The session went well. Julie the Head Teacher helped me for the hour, the children performed well..some of their work was fantastic.

Jan arrived back from her audition and we left for home where she received a call from the City Council informing her that a funding application to support her new play has been granted..this is good because despite our precarious financial condition, we would have to have subsidized the tour ourselves!
I will stop at nothing to finish my picture this week. Something new awaits!


Jan said...

Just a quick point out - the funding we've got for the tour (Derby City council) is only the small grant we applied for - £500 - very very good, but small. The biggy (Arts Council)is still to come in - please. (So any donations to support the Arts - the voice of the inner man to the nation........ and all that - gratefully received!!) But to receive the littly grant from the Council is still superb as it offers with it endorsement - both for me personally, as the big chief of Arts at the Council was one of my tutors and if he believes I can do it and deserve support, I'm well chuffed, and for the Company (Big Window theatre Company - look out for us - we're going to be big - we're suppoerted by the Council you know.....) - to approach schools and venues with the backing/logo/money of the Council gives us a much higher status than without - we're not just arty people with bright ideas. So hurrah!! Plus the little grant means Niall has a better chance of bewing paid for his art work for the publicity materials - all good. Now I need the big grant so I too can be paid for acting in 28 shows over a two week - period! Hurrah. I love it.

Jan x