Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Nabis and the sandwich

For those of you new to my postings, I must explain that each one of my pictures is created using millions of tiny dots of ink 0.25mm in diameter. Each dot is individually placed using high specification technical pens and as far as I can find out, I am THE only person in the world who uses this technique to the degree you see here! The above picture is nearing completion, after 43 hours and 40mins, I am now fairly confident that Friday will see the end!

I sat on my own this evening reading The Alchemist, listening to the haunting music of the brilliant and sublime Steve Hackett's new album: Wild Orchids. Curtains were closed and it was dark outside. Annie had fallen asleep in bed after I'd read 'Brer Rabbit and the apple tree', Sam was on MSN.

I imagined sitting on top of a high peak, under a darkened sky strewn with stars. I could hear the sound of city life driffting on the breeze from somewhere down below and I held in my hand the dead remains of a bird. Was that a whisper I caught in the wind?.."Raise up your hands and let me live" I hold up the bird and detect a faint tremble as a heart once still and cold beats again. Then with a suddeness that takes me by suprise, the bird, now white and beautiful flies up into the sky..a silhouette against the stars.

Each day when I stand in the kitchen making sandwiches for Sam and Annie, I wonder where I'll be come night time. Recently, the prospect has been dark and lonely. Today it would seem that once again, I can dream as I did before.


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