Thursday, October 12, 2006

A walk in the park

Teasels on border of nature reserve area Arboretum park, Derby.

Have just been out to catch the Autumn sunshine at the Arboretum.Since I have been asked to become Artist in Residence, I've felt a special affinity with the place. I've been through the park all my life. My Mum and Dad would take us through there on our way to catch the train to Carlton in Nottingham where my Grandparents lived. So I feel like it's a place of homeliness and good memories.

The sunlight was amazing. And curiosly enough there was hardly anyone about. Sadly the cafe was shut. I'd planned to sit in there and do some drawing. So walked all round the park and took loads of photos.

On return home I felt full of life, my senses atuned to the briliance of colour I'd just experienced. I now need to crop the images and seek the right material for a series of small drawings which I hope to reproduce as mounted prints for the next Buxton Art fair in December. My thinking is to work on an even smaller scale (less than A5) as this will make prints cheaper to sell. They will also look effective if I decide to enlarge any of them!