Friday, October 06, 2006

Don't get me started!

Firstly let me say 'Happy Birthday Tim'..The best Brother anyone could ask for!!

Is it just me, or is everybody suddenly describing things as "No brainer"..Do you know how 'no brained' you sound when you say that? I find it patronizing for someone to tell me that I was a fool to have wasted even a little of my enquiring mind in trying to understand something that they have decided is not worth understanding. It is as if the person concerned is telling me that I need not make any effort because they have done all the rationale for me!. Then there's people who make an upwards inflection at the end of every scentence or statement turning everything into a question...Don't get me started!

Have included two pictures for you today. One is a detail of the work showing the area I spent 4 hours on today. I'm quite pleased with the way it is turning out.


Matilda said...

Who describes stuff as "No brainer" - not heard of it. In what context?

The picture is lovely - close up bit superb. More impressionism - always a good thing.


Tim Young said...

Thanks Niall. Be sure i will writ something eaqually sickening on your birthday?
Joking aside you are an inspiration
Keep up the the good work