Monday, October 30, 2006

Finished walking the dog!

Here is the finished piece. Hope you like it?

I am struggling big time today. Apart from ongoing problems with the way I relate to my family, I woke to find that I'd got some really bad ear problems. I have told you before that I suffer from Tinnitus. That is I hear a loud screaming sound in both ears all the time..sometimes it's a little less obtrusive when I'm feeling relaxed and happy. Other times (like now) it's as if a badly tuned radio is on full volume in my head. To add to this, now in my left ear it's rather like someone has turned the volume up to max..everything sounds like its reverberating through a bass drum..I can't concentrate on any thing..I can't sleep..I can hear loud boomy echo stuff, but nothing else.

The children have an inset day off today, and have argued..I have tried to remain apart from them because I'll only lose my temper. Jan is continuing to feel frustrated with me..she seems to want to take on all that I feel I can't applying to enter the Derby open art competition, getting prints made etc...

Dear blog reader..I did warn you that you would have to listen to some pretty downbeat views about myself and life. This is only so that when the good times eventually arrive, you can share them with me! That said, perhaps you will be sad to know that I am probably now at an all time low..nothing seems to matter above getting on with my work. That is exactly what I shall do now.

Thankyou for reading.


Tim Young said...

love the pic Niall this one is special.