Friday, January 19, 2007

Bottle paintings.

I have to admit. These paintings sit around my house gathering dust and not in my consciousness most of the time. But having seen them in my post yesterday, I thought I'd feature a couple more. The idea comes from a painting by Magritte called 'Painted bottle'..others by him were more imaginatively called 'Sky' The Lady' and 'The Explanation'. They are a kind of visual paradox in that the scene continues around the bottle in a never ending never get to see all of the picture at once and must turn the bottle. The large Tree bottle is painted in oil paint as is the bottle on the far left in the top picture. The others are painted using enamel could just as easily use acrylics I reckon!....The (empty) bottles were given to me by Margret and Graham (Who live over the road) The surface of the bottle is textured (a feature of this particular wine called 'Black Tower')..It would I guess be just as easy to paint on a smooth bottle..perhaps prime it first with an undercoat.
Hey!..have fun trying this one out..of course, you'll have to drink the wine first..a sacrificial act in the name of art!


Ps said...

You have definitely motivated me to try bottle painting now!If only I had one tenth of your talent!!

Devil Mood said...

Oh I love these bottles!

Bob-kat said...

Those are fantastic. I love that you have to turn the bottle to see more so that you have a changing canvas.