Friday, January 19, 2007

Lines 12

Thanks Tim! .......I've been working on the details to the platform on the was quite tricky to get the right lightness of shade. But I'm happy that it's progressing again.

Have spent some time today reading and studying some of the pictures by Magritte . One of my favourite artists mentioned in previous posts. The concept of placing familiar objects together in unfamiliar combinations interests me. For example..we may be familiar with a tin opener and a marriage ceremony..but put them together and make the tin opener so big it is barely able to fit in the get what I mean. Take a look at 'Personal Values' to see what I'm on about.

I don't think this current picture will develop and reflect what I've been reading about..but then never know!


Devil Mood said...

It's so interesting seeing the picture evolving like this. It's incredible how it gets more and more realistic.
I love Magritte, the clouds, the doves, the people in the sky, the men with their hats too :)

Ps said...

I love this picture of Magritte. (as you already know!!)

Your picture is looking really good now.Love the way the train curves.

dharmabum said...

hello there!

i must thank u for dropping by my space first - for i wouldn't have come to know about u and ur wonderful work otherwise :)

although i'm not the 'arty' kind of person, i must admit that i'm absolutely fascinated by your work.

i'm also very inspired by something i saw on your website -

"In all my career choices, I have consciously allowed myself to pursue my artwork hoping one day to be able to work full time on it. This I have now achieved!"

that is so wonderful, and should serve as an inspiration to many a young man today.

regarding the website though - i was curious to learn more about the pointillism technique itself, but on clicking, that particular page alone doesn't seem to be loading - is that a deliberate error? :)

am really curious to know how u actually do it, i mean, it must be one helluva task(patience!) placing all those dots one by one?

sorry about the prosaic comment :)

Inconsequential said...

re magritte, i really like 'human condition' that's cool.

I shall be back to browse through your stuff later :)

Looks like you might have some cool stuff!

I quite admire anyone with the patience to paint, as i'm too fidgety for that sort of thing...

Niall Young said...

Thank you all for your comments.

Darhmabum:Thanks for dropping by!Sorry you did not find the info on my web's just not there yet..duly noted and will respond.

Bob-kat said...

Nice to see it coming along. It reminds me of standing on platforms waiting to go home.

I agree with PS - I love the way the train curves away from us.