Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter 4

There seems to be a never ending need to add more colour..each time I take a break and come back, I see something that needs just that little bit more! It's something I like to teach at school, that you very rarely see anything that is one plain colour. Any surface reflects that which is around it. The eye sees things in 'wholesale' and fills in the details from memory..often what you saw was what you think you saw.
(Click on me for an even closer look)
Here is a close up of the lamp post and surrounding trees. It's only when you stop looking at the expanse of plain white paper around it that you can get the 'feel' of the snow and cold. ....Now where's MR. Tumnus?


Devil Mood said...

I'm so glad you decided to give us the opportunity to see the whole process. I feel like I'm repeating myself but it's incredible how the picture gains more and more life each day that passes. It takes a lot of patience. I know that if I was working on something for so long it would be ruined with too much paint in a second!

Becca said...

I love this style of painting, and it's really exciting to see these "in process." I cannot imagine the amount of precision and patience this must require (not to mention the vision and talent!)

Your work is lovely :~)

(And thank you for your nice comment on my post today!)

Bob-kat said...

I just love the close up of the tree and lamp post! It is so true about the mind filling in detail :-)