Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Winter 3

Back to work on this one today.The background is such a mass of tangled branches in muted tones that at first it looks very complicated. The aim is to show the golden light hitting the background which will hopefully look like a bright ribbon across the 'horizon' as it were.
Sometimes I need to take a step back and do nothing to rediscover the 'fire' within. I was saying in an Email yesterday that apart from 2 weeks of exhibitions last year, a weeks holiday and a couple of 'non productive' days, I'd worked on a picture every day since 12 January 2006. I guess one can 'burn out' even doing what one enjoys!
Have decided on Sue's recommendation to look into using a 'Daylight' bulb..I need to go up to Ikea soon so will look there because I'll need a new lamp too! At present I use a desk lamp with a halogen bulb which although bright, tends to bleach out the subtleties of the colours.
Thought for the day...
Give a man a fish, and he'll have food enough for one day..
Give a man a fishing rod, and he'll find someone with whom he can swap it for a fish.


Ps said...

Superb.Earlier i liked the lamp post. now I like the way the branches curve.The eye now focusses on the tree, instead of the lamp-post. By the time you finish i'm sure I'll like the whole picture :-)

Bob-kat said...

It really is nice to pop by an see your work take shape.

Daylight bulbs really are excellent but can be expensive so brace yourself!