Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lines 7..Time

Just pushing on with the boring bits at sky....It's been a busy day preparing for my next session at school.I decided to run a project that will last for a couple of weeks. Went down the garden to collect lots of twigs from my Willow tree. At school I got the children to firstly look at the form of a tree, then sketch some trees. I then got them to secure twigs to a piece of card in the shape of a week we'll cut them out and stick them to a long narrow board. They will then be papier mache'd over so the 'trees' show through in relief..the week after they will be painted for the exhibition.
Last night I spent ages reading the blogs I've become used to visiting. The trouble is, I look up from my screen to see a couple of hours have flown by!! Must work out a way of visiting only a couple sites a day and give it my whole attention rather than trying to cram them all in! The trouble is, there's so much that is so good!!! Loved the video on 'Love is stronger than pride'!Check out the link below!


Ps said...

Why am i always the first to comment on your blog? Maybe because of our different time zones.You write your blog, go to bed--and I'm up reading it!!

When are you coming to India to teach art? I can get at least 20 kids as your students from my residential complex itself(my own two included)! Your ideas are so good.

I too LOVED the video on devil-mood's blog.In fact I just mailed the link to a friend of mine yesterday--and you mentioned it on your blog.

Sue said...

I also spend so much time looking at other blogs that I lose hours... Fun, though!

Devil Mood said...

Oh that was so nice :)
Again, I'm really glad you liked the video. I was just saying to PS how our blogs are a bit like an artform, because many times they have the power to provoke emotions on other people.
But yes blogging takes up a lot of time!