Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A week to remember

OK..so I said I'd write about a week that changed my life. The week in question was 30th July - 6th August 2006. Having just attended the wedding of our friend Chrissie on the Saturday..we travelled up to stay in North Berwick which is near to Edinburgh in Scotland. Our friends Kay and Geoff live there.

Jan in relaxed mood at the flat in North Berwick

It was a holiday we all needed. We hired a flat which was perfect for our needs. There followed lots of trips to the beach (only 2 mins away)..a trip to meet another old friend in Edinburgh and the celebration of Kay's birthday with a beach party.

Bass Rock..home to largest Gannet colony in British Isles

The week was special to me for two reasons. Firstly : I was encouraged to read a book which was different to the usual Science Fiction / Fantasy I'd read for 20 + years...a book that would alter my reading habits from there onwards and open my mind and heart to new experiences and education. That book was 'The Time Travellers Wife'. Recommended to me by Kay. I've always had a very deep regard for Kay..she is a woman who has come through the breakdown of a relationship and has gone to university, is studying for a degree in theology and is a mother of 3. A deep thinker who when you get to know her, has the ability to turn your concepts on their heads and challenge you to think in a new way. I am all the richer for knowing her!

Kay Dunbar

Party time down on the beach!

Secondly: Jan and I visited a coffee shop whilst in North Berwick. I picked up a pamphlet which contained an article on Blogging. I remember clearly reading it and announcing to Jan and Kay that I was thinking of having a go at writing my own Blog.

So here I am ..better read and broadcasting to the world. Having found a new outlet for my art work..I've discovered perhaps the most valuable aspect of 'The Blog':..meeting people and forming friendships with like minded people from all over the world. In particular:'PS' with whom I regularly write to and have come to learn new things about life in another culture( Read her Blog 'Just a Mother of Two' now! ..see link on left side of this blog ). I consider myself rich beyond experience with the wealth of those I count as my friends (those who know me will be aware that I have very few 'friends').
Armed with these new experiences, I look forward to the new wonders to come!


Ps said...

A lovely post and lovelier snaps!Friends are so important.I am blessed with good and true friends--and my life is richer because of them.Sometimes, friends become so close that they are like extended family.I'm reading time traveller's wife, and loving every word of it.An absolute 'must-read'.

Katherine said...

What a nice post! I enjoyed looking at your pictures. I also really like "The Time Traveller's Wife." Really makes you think...