Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lines 11...Jaded

Have begun filling in various details around the rest of the train and opposite platform. Jan said to me today " you're not enjoying this one are you?"..I had to agree.
I really can't leave this post without commenting on 'Celebrity Big Brother'..readers in the US will have seen similar programmes as will others..but the series currently airing on UK 's Channel 4 has attracted the largest number of complaints for a UK TV show ever!..last count was around 21000..Basically the controversy surrounds the relationship within the group and in particular surrounding Shilpa Shetty..a household name and mega star in her own country of India, but largely unknown in UK. some group members have used language which has been interpreted by many to be racist...Some of the comments I have heard broadcast and they made me feel ashamed and angry that such ignorance can show itself in such a setting. I feel Shilpa has behaved with dignity and in maturity..The main protagonist in the incidences is Jade Goody..famous for being in Big Brother a few years ago and not winning. However she did display a huge level of ignorance whilst on the very drunk and stripped naked on live TV.Behaviour I find totally distasteful and surprised that this is the basis for her fame!
Ironically, the issues surrounding racism are now on the lips of a large percentage of the population. The popularity of the programme with young people means schools are able to latch onto this subject and do some good work to promote anti-racism and positive understanding! I just pray that the outcome will be good and that all those involved will not be damned, but learn to change and make a difference in doing so.For those of you interested in the show, follow the link below.
I wish you peace.


Bob-kat said...

I am afraid I haven't been watching BB as I can't stand reality TV so I don't know the specifics. I find this interesting though as I heard an interview with her Shilpa's agent on the readio that said although Shilpa was obviously the victim of bullying, that she wasn't certain the remarks were actually rascist. This lead me to wonder if the assumption was that all distasteful remarks directed towards someone of a different ethnic group were rascist and if that is the case isn't that a rascist assumption i.e. the assumption makes an issue of the difference in ethnic group. I think rascism and bullying distasteful and am glad that something positive is coming from this in education.

Personally I look at the person - who they are adn I find Ms Goody distasteful too.

Bob-kat said...

Ek! My English was not up to scratch in my last post - a symptom of posting in my lunch break and being quick but trying to make sure I couldn't be misinterpreted! I think you get what I was trying to say - just to be clear though - bullying and racism bad. Jade Goody utterly distasteful. People judged by who they are = good :-)

Rayne said...

Unfortunately the media thrives on controversy and bad behaviour. They cater to the juvenile mind which has a short attention span. As reality t.v. is no longer as popular as it used to be, instead of getting the hint and just dropping the whole reality show nonsense, they are pushing the bar and setting things up for the greater reaction.
Sad, really.
On to other things, I know you said that you are not enjoying the project you are working on but I think it is coming out nicely. It does have a harder edge to it than the other works of yours I have seen so far.