Friday, January 12, 2007

Lines 8..into the time machine

Would you believe it?..I spent 6 hours solid dotting (this doesn't include breaks lunch, etc...) the sky...a highly boring and intense piece of work..and I'm not finished..I have to add at least another layer over the one I've done to even out the effect! Now you could call this dedication, you could call this could even call me mad. But at the end..I'll have a picture that has claimed my life. Can you imagine when I exhibit my pictures how I feel when someone wonders by and just glances, then walks off?..I suppose it's a bit like wearing expensive underwear!!..You know it's there..but no one else does..and in makes it special!
I know where I'm going now with this picture..


Ps said...

Most people, when they look at art, will go into details about how it was done only if
1.They paint themselves
2.Are art aficionados
3.They find the image visually very appealing.
But I can relate to what you feel.

Devil Mood said...

Wow, I couldn't see the dots before enlarging the picture. Great effect! I did a photo of mine like this once, back in school days. A lot of patience is needed...and then, as you said, the patience to put up with other people's ignorance about how much work was involved...
phew...being an artist!

Rayne said...

I always feel so guilty when I go to art shows and see someone's work and I know they've put so much time and effort and heart into it but it just doesn't touch me.
I feel as if I am devaluing them.
But, I know that there has to be some people out there who are touched by what you do. Your work is fabulous. I think some people also experience overload when they go to the shows and they just start to shut down.