Sunday, January 28, 2007

Crescent Moon

Oh Crescent moon
Celestial seductress
hanging ghost like
in the darkening July sky
loving satin white
in silky breath
and cut grass senses
covering all in milky light
I stand and drink your presence
to cast all I kneel before you
until your evening phosphorensence
washes over me and cleanses
you oh Crescent Moon
my celestial seductress
we'll keep our tryst until
you dip yourself below the houses
and I am in the dark.
(Niall Young 4Th July 1995.)
I love the light of the Moon. I can feel it wash over me. I don't write a lot of poetry these days..but I like the idea of creating pictures with words. My most prolific time of writing was around 1993-97. Perhaps I'll share a couple more.
By the way..Well done Shilpa Shetty for winning 'Celebrity Big Brother'!!!!!!!!!!


Tim Young said...

nice poem please share some more.

Ps said...

It is lovely.Specifically liked the line "leaving me in darkness"

Ps said...

I meant "I am in dark"

Devil Mood said...

"I like the idea of creating pictures with words" - so interesting, once a painter, always a painter! You certainly painted a nice picture with that poem!
Haven't paid much attention to the moon lately, but I like 'her'.

misti said...

Even i get fasinated seeing the moon, the soft white light gives so much of peace to the soul.

Anonymous said...

Anything regarding the moon, the beautiful mystical moon draws in me in; as your words did. You call her 'her' too so *dance* I've never understand why people say it is 'the man in the moon' *sigh*