Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lines 13 ..detail included

My life seems to be full of references to the surreal at the moment.Not only am I spending ridiculous amounts of my life dotting this picture of a dirty Eco-unfriendly noisy piece of metal, and planning a way to honour and represent my love love of womankind in a deep and ethical way. I am sitting here having wept at the coverage of Jade's eviction from Celebrity Big Brother (I'm not sad to see her go by the way!'s more complex than that!) and laughed tears into my eyes at comedian Al Murray(genius) .. my head is also full of Groucho Marx.
The Marx Brothers have always been a passion of mine..My Mother and Father In-Law gave me a boxed set of six of their best movies for Christmas!!!!!!.. today I saw on a dedicated web site a drawing by Salvador Dali of my favourite Marx:..Harpo. Whilst the completely witty one liners delivered by Groucho will live in eternity, for me it is the silent surreal slapstick of Harpo that will live with me forever. Irreverent, anarchic and full of pathos and love, Harpo was a talented actor, musician and human. Check out the Link and discover the world of pure wonder:..The Marx Brothers. and go to 'Quotes' then Harpo Speaks!!


Ps said...

I like trains, because I have many happy memories associated with train travel.
Hmm--Representing your love for woman kind in an ethical and deep way --now you have made me really curious!
I love the hilariuos quotes by Groucho marx.Beyond that i dont know much--shall look into the link.
Your picture,as always,is turning out well.

Bob-kat said...

Looks like your picture is nearly finished? I get the distinct impression you will be glad once it is done though it has been interesting watch it take shape through your blog.

I will visit the Marx Brothers site in a bit. Clever comedy is wonderful for lifting the spirit isn't it?