Friday, January 26, 2007

Winter 1 second try

This is actually the second version of the picture.I had worked for a while on the sketch shown earlier but made a mess of it..(better earlier than later!!) Here I have worked for around 5 hours to get this far!..It looks very basic so far, but regular viewers of this Blog will know that only time will tell.
My 'head' has been all over the place recently. Without sounding to glum I'll just say that , yes, once again it's a time of questioning, a time of looking at what is and wondering what will be. despite a couple of days away from the page, I have worked constantly since this time last year when I started this whole adventure. Perhaps body and mind are tired, but my soul aches to reach further and further into my sight and bring forth that which can only be described visually.
Changing the subject slightly..I have managed to track down amidst piles of papers, my poetry book. I went through a period of writting poetry back inthe early 1990's. It served a purpose of sorts. I hope to publish a few selected pieces for you here at some point!


Ps said...

Wow!You write poetry too!Would love to read them.
Sometimes you do need to take a break--but I know what you mean, when you say that soul aches to go further.
I like the way you make such detailed sketches.

Devil Mood said...

Creation is tough. As people usually say, it's like you're giving birth to your creations.
I already love the picture and I think that it would also be interesting if in one of those pictures there was only one coloured object, so as to give it more protagonism. To some people it would look like an unfinished work, but not to me :)

Niall Young said...

PS:..poetry will be posted soon!

Devil mood:..Interesting idea..I'll bear it in mind!