Sunday, January 07, 2007

Face in the crowd

Here is an exercise I completed in 2004. It's taken from a photograph of the crowd at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships in 1981. I love tennis and especially the era covering the middle to late 1970's. My hero of the time was Chris Evert! I decided I needed to challenge myself with this one. It took around 6 months to complete (I was working in Social Work at the time) and around 130 hours of work. i used my 0.25 mm pen and loved every minute of it. despite it being copied from a's one of the most popular pieces at my exhibitions. It's also quite large for one of my pictures (A2). I am planning something similar but altogether original for my next Exhibition. My idea is to set up a camera and photograph as many of the visitors to the exhibition as possible...I will then create an A1 size colour drawing incorporating all those faces!!!!!!

I've done very little work on 'Lines' today..however I have arrived at a few conclusions as to which direction it will this space!

I've also been introduced to the wonders of 'Orkut'. An online social networking site. I hope you are able to have a look at it sometime..? follow the link below...and join!


Ps said...

That picture is so INCREDIBLE!To say that it is outstandingly brilliant is an undertstatement.I can understand why it is one of the most popular pieces in your exhibition.Your talent never ceases to amaze me.

Ps said...

Orkut is indeed great as I discovered.Its almost like there was a big world out there which I never knew about--untill I started "orkutting".What fills me with wonder is the reach of the medium,the speed and the instant connectivity.

petter said...

i like that one a lot. really awsome.

Katherine said...

That is so cool! I love tennis, too. Chrissy was a favorite of mine at that time, too, as well as Jimmy Connors. I appreciate Johnny Mac a lot more now.

Niall Young said...

Thank you all for your comments!..I'll try to introduce a few more 'unseen' items as and when I get the chance!

Kathrine. Yes I too have learned to appreciate 'Mac'..he presents on BBC TV during Wimbledon and is also well known as a collector and critic of Art.

henrik said...

Hey Niall!

Everything you do is somewhat amazing but this one really stuk with me. I love the detail! My eye is drawn to the fellow crossing his arms just next the the centre. He looks pissed off in some way. Great work!