Saturday, January 27, 2007

Winter 2

Easy does it!..slow progress . This is a rubbish looks so dull. For the next one I'll take it in the daylight! One of the real problems I'm facing at the moment is the lack of daylight hours. Often I get to work in the evenings..but the subtleties of tone in the picture mean that my desk lamp changes how I see them. I've seen adverts for 'daylight' bulbs..I might try one..Do you know if they're any good?


Ps said...

I live in a country where there is PLENTY of sunshine.So i really have no clue about day-light bulbs.Here we see adverts for awnings and shades and sun glasses!!
I love the lamp-post in ur picture.

Devil Mood said...

I think the picture has a great depth already, doesn't look dull at all.
I don't know a thing about lightbulbs, except when they fail. ha ha

Bob-kat said...

Still no snow down South!

Daylight (or lack of it to be precise) is a big problem when taking photo's. I love how snow glistens in the sunlight.

Daylight bulbs are excellent. They show the 'true' colours of things and are fantastic for holding the winter blues (or SAD) at bay.