Sunday, January 21, 2007

Place of work.

I thought you might like to see the place where all my pictures are created.This, my work place is along side our bed in the rear of the house looking South.Here you can see 'Lines' in progress. My little black and white TV glows ethereally. I've been watching an adaptation of 'Swan Lake'..with Darcy Bussell (You can see she is on the screen as I took this photo!)...I watched a documentary in which she introduced the production of the ballet. Now I know I'm prone to over sensitivity..but to see her in rehearsal..the grace and beauty and absolute strength in her body made me weep..I'm not ashamed to admit that such beauty can cause me to cry!

This is the view from out of my window. I have sat here drawing..each day seeing this view..I know all the buildings and love to see the sky change through out the day. From here you can see on the left of the horizon (click to enlarge) the extreme tip of Nottinghamshire with the famous Ratcliffe-On-Soar power station..the turning point for all aircraft approaching the East Midlands Airport which is along the horizon over the roof of the large building just off centre of the photo (to the right of this building you will also note the large Gurdwara with the golden dome) . On a clear day I can see the aircraft coming in to land and taking off. The airport is incidentally in Leicestershire! The centre of the horizon is South East...a direct line from my window would see France..Italy..Egypt..Saudi Arabia..Oman and off into the Indian Ocean..looking to my left I'b be able to see Bombay and yes PS..Pune!!..if only my eyesight was better!

So there you have place of work. Every day I am here...every day I gaze out at this vista..every day I am.


Ps said...

Glad you can see Pune:-)
What a nice way of "outward thinking".No wonder your pictures are so good.

Katherine said...

What a great view! That's quite inspiring, I'm sure.

Devil Mood said...

Nice view, but it looks really cold! I like your desk, I like desks in general, especially if they're not too office-like.
When I was little and went to the south coast of Portugal for the 1st time, I was really dissapointed that I couldn't see Africa!