Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lines 1

Off with old and on with the new...I'm not sure if this new piece will work or not..I started this picture in 2005 whilst working a night shift at Holly House..a residential home for children in care. It's based on a photograph of a diesel locomotive at Derby railway station in 1985...The thinking behind the picture will become apparent as the days progress..but as a taster:..I have always been interested in the things that influence the kind of person I am today..I am a physical, spiritual, emotional , social and sexual being. I place 'sexual' separate from physical because to me, the driving force in all my motivation..(according to Freud) is the need to procreate my species...and as a heterosexual male, it is on this theme that I base this picture.
Confused?....lets see where this goes!


Ps said...

'Diesel locomotive','sexual','need to procreate my species'!! I am curiuos..Have you been reading Mr.Fab's blog too much? Ha ha ha..Could not resist that!

Bob-kat said...

Looks like it will be an interesting piece, though don't think I will be able to walk past the train station without a curious look on my face now!

Thanks for visiting my blog adn leaving your kind comment. It is much appreciated.

Rayne said... I'm worried about my love of trains, considering I'm a female. What does this say about me?
I am very interested in seeing where this picture will go and what you do with it.